“The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed”

Dove and Word Publishing announces the second edition printing of, “The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed.” The book provides answers that yield total comprehension of Christianity’s elusive Trinity mystery.

Nearly fifteen years of research takes the reader beyond the usual descriptions and definitions, to the revelation that removes the 2000-year-old so-called mystery. It upholds Scriptural integrity to confirm that it was wrong to call the Trinity a mystery in the first place.

The book transforms one of the most complex and confusing issues into simple understanding. It discloses how Adam and Eve’s “Fall in the Garden” brought about sin and the sin-nature. It details God becoming a man through the Virgin Birth, with particulars about Jesus’ lineage to His Father. The book highlights the Trinity with biblically based facts and answers the previously unanswerable questions that the advancements of today’s health science made possible.

Several years of dedicated research went into writing the book, which stems from a revelation received by the author in 1999. T.R. Bosse noted, “Several years is a short time-span compared to the 2000 years that it remained hidden. Many of the early Church leaders diligently searched much longer for answers, with little success. Yet, the difficulty was not the fault of those individuals or within the Scriptures itself. Full comprehension was not possible regardless of the length of their search. The task was virtually impossible without help from modern technology, particularly details embedded within the field of health/science.” Bosse added this reminder, “Remember, technical development remained hidden from the early Church fathers because such knowledge only came upon the scene within the past 100 years.”

“The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed” is an informative revelation that affects every individual regardless of their background, wealth, or social status. The book delivers down-to-earth answers that make the doctrine exceptionally insightful instead of complicated. Other issues referenced in the book include the corrupted blood, the seed of the woman, the two genealogies of Jesus, the soul, and spirit, becoming Born-again, the covenants, and more. The book brings the Trinity up to date by removing the mystery kept secret from the beginning of time, now revealed in these last days.

About the Author:
T. R. Bosse ministered as a lay-pastor, Bible teacher and a church administrator. His dedication to the Bible spans over 45 years. After retiring from the U.S. Postal Service in the 1990s, T. R. actively engaged in a teaching ministry at nursing homes in the Northern Kentucky region. In 1999, two weeks before Y2K and the turn of the 21st Century, he received the revelation to Trinity’s so-called mystery. Dedicating nearly 15 years to researching the Trinity doctrine, he finally published his findings in a book under the title, “The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed.”

Singer, songwriter Dallas Holmes (L) and Author T.R. Bosse (R)

About the Book:
The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed | Paperback  – ISBN: 978-0-9723974-1-4 (Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 – 141 pgs.) | Also available in eBook | Hardback  – Available at book outlets worldwide –

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