Answers the Hard Questions

The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed is a timely book that had to be written for those living in these last days. Perhaps the most significant revelation for the Church since Paul’s mystery of Grace. For over 2000 years theologians sought to know the elusive answer. However, because it was not in God’s timing to release the full understanding, this vital doctrine remained a secret. The contents of The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed answer the question about the Trinity including the following examples:

  • Why could God not save everyone other than through the cross?
  • The reason Jesus does not know the hour or day of His return.
  • The physical and spiritual aspects of the blood and the body, soul and spirit.
  • The facts of the Virgin Birth.
  • The Covenants and promises of the Redeemer.
  • Detail regarding the sin-nature that inhibits each of us.
  • Born-again of the Holy Spirit not of water.
  • How did Jesus avoid Mary’s connection to Adam’s lineage according to Luke’s genealogy?
  • The difference between Luke and Matthew’s New Testament genealogies.
  • How the cross of 2000 years ago applies today.
  • What could the early Church not figure out about the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost?
  • What is the substance of the pure Seed that produced Jesus Christ as a Human Being?

Why is the Trinity revealed today? As television, satellites, and cell phones solved the mystery of how the whole world could see and observe the two witnesses lying in the streets of Jerusalem for three days (Revelation 11:9), so also today’s health technology is instrumental in solving the elusive mystery to the Trinity.

The book is structured to take you on a systematic adventure into the vast empire of who God is with respect to His complete Godhead. Everything unfolds chronologically, giving the reader greater awareness in an easy-to-read and understand layman’s format.

A must-read book for the Christian and a wake-up call for the rest of society. The book answers all questions concerning the Trinity backed by verified biblical answers.

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