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God has saved the best for last. The final great mystery revealed to those living in these last days.

  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Christianity

What do the above five world religions have in common? Four of them do not believe in the Trinity. Three of them were founded by a man. Two of them worship the same God. Only one of them can be the true way to God. Do you know which is which? You should–your eternal life depends on it.

“How can the Trinity be revealed, when renowned men of old have attempted such a task without acceptable results for 2000 years?”

Most Christians today still live in the 4th Century. At that time in history, an assembly of some 300 bishops, better known as the Nicene Council, attempted to clarify the Trinity. While those scholarly men came up with a good description and explanation for the Trinity, the mystery still remained. Yet, there are several things that even high-ranking theologians never consider. One overlooked detail regards the biblical declaration that God has never kept secrets from us from the beginning (Isaiah 48:16). In other words, if something is in the Bible, it is not a secret because we can see it with our eyes. Another issue relates to what Jesus mentioned in three of the Gospels. He said, if something seems covered or hidden (in the Bible), it must be revealed and made known (Luke 12:2).

Should This Vital Christian Doctrine Also be Known as a Mystery?

What caused the mystery in the first place? It was the same as occurred with another mystery, which had many scratching their heads before the 20th Century. The Book of Revelation, chapter 11, mentions two witnesses lying in the streets of Jerusalem with the whole world watching them lay there. However, before inventing television, satellites, and cell phones from the year 1920 on, no one imagine how this phenomenon could unfold with the eyes of the whole world looking on at the same time.

In the same way, it was impossible to completely understand the Trinity until the advancement of the microscope, blood analysis, and the ingenuity that provided full details of the birthing cycle from conception to actual birth. These things, along with many other technological achievements, did not occur until around the turn of the 20th Century.

We could never have written this book without progress within these specific health fields and other such breakthroughs. Thus, the early saints from the 1st Century to the 19th and 20th Century did not have the necessary knowledge to remove the mystery. In the same way, the New Testament writers could not include it within the Bible. For the most part and as always, everything is in God’s timing.

Yes, it was covered and hidden until our time in history just as the Book of Daniel prophesied to shut up the Vision until the time of the end, whereby knowledge would increase. Today’s technology has advanced beyond anyone’s imagination. Who could have known that within today’s knowledge was embedded all the answers to the so-called mystery.

After over fifteen years in the making, everything in “The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed” concerning these hidden issues has been researched, checked, and rechecked for assurance of accuracy.

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